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I found this secret room in the level Hollywood in multiplayer

If you get a jetpack and fly to the main entrance of the cinema you will see a sign hanging from the wall.  Right behind that you can fly through the wall inside the room.  From the outside nobody will see you

It’s the [...Read More...]

In order to unlock cheat mode in Duke Nukem Forever, you’ll need to complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting.

After doing that, if you head into your extras menu you see the following cheats:

  • Mirror Mode
  • Invincibility
  • Instagib
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Head Scale
  • Grayscale Mode
  • Duke 3D Freeze Ray


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Here are some tips and guides to get a bunch of the Duke Nukem Forever Achievements easily…

Turd Burglar

When the game first starts you can find some poop in the toilets nearby.  Just grab some from one of the toilets and throw it to unlock this achievement

Sunday, Black Sunday

Early on in the [...Read More...]

DNF reviews so far are mixed.  Before you drop a ton of coin on the game why not try and win it for free?  That’s exactly what you can do by clicking here.

We can’t make any promises, but we’ve had some luck with these contests in the past (a few [...Read More...]

The Duke Nukem early access demo is out, and what better time to start playing around with cheats?

We’ve got several for you here, including a cheat to get extra weapons, one to levitate, and a secret room that leads to Duke’s house.  Here we go…

Extra Weapons – Type DNWEAPONS

Levitate – Type DNCLIP

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Here’s some code from the dnwindow.int file found in the DNF Demo’s files… all the cheats are here. They all have descriptions, so it looks like they will be accessible from the “EXTRA GAME SETTINGS” menu option (unavailable in the demo)

  • INVINCIBILITY – Take no damage from bullets or explosions (SP only). CHEAT.
  • INFINITE [...Read More...]


That’s right, just one short day from now you’ll finally be able to get your hands on the Duke Nukem Forever early access demo.  To celebrate, and in reward for being such a loyal Duke Nukem fan, Gearbox has decided to give you all a special treat.  No, it’s not Duke Nukem Forever [...Read More...]

The last time we saw Randy Pitchford, the head of Gearbox, addressing us via video he was bringing only bad news.  In that video, after acting super excited that the release of Duke Nukem Forever was really going to happen in May, he had an employee fake reveal to [...Read More...]


The Duke Nukem is no stranger to controversy, no stranger to absurdity, and no stranger to babes.  With it’s newly detailed “Capture the Babe” game mode, it appears to be shooting for all three at once.

The game mode will have you and fellow Dukers trying [...Read More...]

It was almost ten years ago that 3D Realms declared that Duke Nukem Forever had no release date and would be ready “when it’s done”.

After ten years in the dark, we’ve finally been given some light, as Gearbox has officially announced that Duke Nukem Forever will launch on May 3rd, 2011 [...Read More...]